Welcome to Tsatrafili Health and Beauty Center

At the center of Mytilene, we have created a multipurpose site for Beauty, Holistic Treatments, Well-Being and Dietetics, aiming at the complete and holistic care of your body. Escape the everyday and relax while enjoying the most sophisticated and effective beauty and rejuvenation treatments at a place of exceptional architecture: our Beauty Center.

Our Health and Beauty Menu includes comprehensive facial, body and hand and foot treatments for women and men, permanent or temporary hair removal treatments, and special wedding, makeup, nutrition and health packages.

We use organic products with highly effective ingredients and state-of-the-art equipment which we are constantly developing.

Our Health and Beauty Cosmetics Boutique offers unique professional-quality daily care products from well-known brands, with active ingredients and amazing fragrances. Under the guidance of Tsatrafili Health and Beauty’s specialized beauticians, these products will become your anti-ageing, beauty and euphoria arsenal.

We will be happy to serve you!

* It is recommended that you book your appointments in advance, in order to ensure optimal services.