Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage, the Energy Healers of Nature…

 Hot Stone Massage has a history of thousands of years, dating back to India and the Mayan civilization. Energy healers would use this energy with breathing techniques (Pranayama), Meditation, Yoga, Nutrition and Massage, by massaging with their hands and tools while using herbs, crystals and stones.

By placing the stones on the body in accordance to the energy centers and acupuncture points along the meridians, they saw that a healing process took place. At the same time, muscles were relaxed, and the pain decreased or disappeared.

The hands of the therapist alternate rhythmically with the stones, resulting in a unique relaxing and enjoyable experience for the recipient. In addition to the benefits offered by an essential oil massage and the special feeling created by the hot stones on the skin, this form of massage is also known for its extraordinary ability to remove the “bad–negative” energy from the recipient’s body.

Hot stones have analgesic properties, vasodilatory effects, they relieve from muscle aches and improve blood circulation and oxygen transport to tissues. Their natural properties have amazing effects. As a result, hot stones help eliminate pains, anxiety, tension, emotional blockages and energy disorders in general. The stones are placed at specific energy points and in combination with aromatherapy massage we have impressive results.

Hot Stone Massage is a therapeutic approach which has become increasingly popular in recent years and is one of the most important services offered at Spas and treatment centers.