Ear Acupuncture

Meet the therapeutic method of Ear Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy

Ear Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy is a therapeutic method which uses the auricle to diagnose and treat various diseases that affect the entire body. Ear Acupuncture is based on the principles and rules of Traditional Chinese Medicine, on Classical Traditional Acupuncture and also on modern neurophysiological principles. It was used methodically and systematically in France in the 1950s by Dr. Paul Nogier (1908 – 1996), who claims its fatherhood. Ear Acupuncture is usually applied in combination with classic acupuncture (acupuncture in which needles are used throughout the patient’s body).



The auricle is very important because it:

• Represents the somatotopic organization of the body (image of the inverted fetus).
• Is full of nerve endings and receptors.

Ways of performing Ear Acupuncture

There are various ways to stimulate these reflection points of the ear such as kneading, electroacupuncture, needle placement, application of special beads or seeds, magnets or semi-permanent needles and more.

What are the benefits of Ear Acupuncture?

  • It is a fast and easy technique
  • There is very good response in acute conditions and mainly in musculoskeletal pain.
  • It is highly effective in treatment of addictions (smoking, alcohol etc.) and when trying to control weight (bulimia and obesity).
  • Excellent results in cases of stress and insomnia.
  • It has a continuing therapeutic effect even when the patient is at home and in the intervals of his therapeutic treatments.
  • Nowadays, Ear Acupuncture is being used more and more often to assist in losing weight and in stopping smoking.