Clinical Dietary Support

Good nutrition begins before birth, even before the mother conceives the fetus, because she has prepared her body in the best way possible in order to accommodate a new life. Of course, the importance of a healthy diet has been discussed extensively and is more or less known to everybody.

Because, however, theory cannot easily coincide with practice given the hectic lives we all live, the need for good nutrition becomes vital. And, unfortunately, although we may think that we can manage on our own, there are people who need the right instructors. Nutrition monitoring and counseling is necessary, from an early age to late in life. Everyone has individual needs and hence needs a personalized approach in order to ensure optimal health.

It should also be noted that a dietitian is no longer the professional you only go in order to lose weight. Nutrition is an integral part of your life and at TSATRAFILI Health & Beauty Nutrihealth Department our main concern is to meet your every nutritional need and cover your concerns.