Aesthetic Acupuncture

Aesthetic (or Cosmetic) Acupuncture   

has rejuvenating results and “structural” effects on the skin, because it works deep into it (on the middle layer of the skin, or “meso-skin”), activating fibroblasts, microcirculation, oxygenation and stem cells, so that regeneration of skin cells is stimulated.

The needles create small local inflammations by breaking down aging collagen and elastin fibers. The brain recognizes the damage and, in order to repair it, it sends blood, anti-inflammatory substances and oxygen; as a result, fibers become more durable. From the deeper layers of the skin outward, collagen and elastin regenerate, boosting, in turn, the production of hyaluronic acid, which has decreased over time.


Difference will be noticeable from the first session. You might initially feel a slight pull or tension on the skin, but it will be quickly replaced by radiance and freshness. The next morning you will look fresher, and after a number of sessions your skin will become younger, firmer and healthier, without plastic surgery or injectables.


Typically, a minimum of 10 sessions is required for substantial benefit to be achieved. Visiting once a week is ideal. In this way, the brain receives a message to regenerate cells as it used to do at a younger age. There are, however, clientesses who attend sessions for years, because they see improvement in their overall health.